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VONT Smart LED Light Bulbs

As many of you know, we are in the midst of a home renovation. The contractor recently upgraded all of our high hat lights on the first floor to be Amazon Alexa controlled LEDs. How fun is that?! So the dimmer and the on/off switch can be completely controlled by your phone.

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Above picture: This is the “reading” preset scene. It casts a warmer light for a more comfortable reading setting.

This got me thinking, can I find something on Amazon for the lamps that are throughout our house. Yes, of course this exists and I’m thrilled with the VONT Smart bulb!!!

Here are some of the features that I love about this particular bulb

  1. This bulb is LED so it is meant to last over 22,000 hours. Basically never worry about changing this bulb again!
  2. Download the VONT HOME APP and you can control the colors, how bright you want the light or create a schedule for the lights to turn on when you’re going on vacation! You can also turn your lights on and off from ANYWHERE!
  3. You have over 16 million RGB colors to choose from. You can add warmth and/or brighten any of the colors. There are also pre-set scenes to set the mood! My boys are going to have a LOT of fun with this when they realize that they can play their music and have fun party lights all run through Alexa.
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While I most likely won’t be using “party” mode in our bedroom, I KNOW my boys will have a blast watching the music that plays on the Echo as it syncs to this light where it will change colors and flash to the beat of the songs that they play. So FUN!!