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The Weekly Work Wardrobe, featuring Loft + a Few Others

This week I went back to my roots and ordered a whole lot of stuff from Loft. They have so many cute options out right now. I have to admit, Loft rarely disappoints and this try on was no different.

When I worked in my sales role, Loft was always my go to. I became tired of my wardrobe monthly and always counted on Loft to deliver. If you haven’t had a chance to shop their summer sale, make sure to do so. Everything is currently 40% off with code VACAY so take advantage!

What I love (and hate) about this store is more often than not, they don’t restock when they sell out of an item. As a fashion blogger, it drives me nuts! But I find this to also be a positive because I really don’t want to see myself and 5 other women showing up to work in the same dress. 😉

I hope you enjoy this post and get your hands on these scalloped ankle cut pants if you don’t already have them! They are an online exclusive and have become a staple in my wardrobe. They are also available in black, but I happen to be obsessed with all things color right now, so these are my go to. I was also PLEASANTLY surprised with the wide crop pants shown below in white (currently out of stock but 4 other colors available). I’m always on the more conservative side when it comes to new trends, but these ended up being very flattering. Take a look and enjoy!