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Spring Dresses from Amazon

Last week we had the stomach bug go through our house so I didn’t have a chance to get anything posted to the blog. While it’s always frustrating for me when I have the kids home from school and can’t work, my favorite thing about this job is that I can stop what I’m doing at any time to be there for the boys when they need a little extra love and attention. Last week was one of those weeks for sure! My sick boys needed all the momma time that they could get!

So I’m sharing some Amazon finds that I shared on my Amazon live last week. This weeks focus is spring dresses and jumpsuits from Amazon. Many of these would work for the office and there are some cute spring maxi options too!

<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3tjoZ6n target= blank>Dress<a> |<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto36x8nzb target= blank> Pumps<a> TTS Wearing S
<a href=httpsamznto3LH59sc target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Jumpsuit<a> |
<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3qihYRd target= blank>Dress<a> | <a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpgototargetcome4j6QO target= blank>Sandals <a> TTS wearing S
<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpgototargetcome4j6QO target= blank>Sandals<a> | <a href=httpsamznto3u8AaOz target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Skirt<a>
<a href=httpsamznto3tTZ05U>Dress<a> | S<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3Kc1gLe target= blank>andals<a> TTS Wearing Size Small
<a href=httpsamznto38tfCZV target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Romper <a>| <a href=httpsamznto3r2EXQD target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Bag<a> | S<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3Kc1gLe target= blank>andals<a> TTS Wearing S
<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3uyIqaw target= blank>Dress<a> | S<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3Kc1gLe target= blank>andals<a> Sized up to a M wish I had a S
<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3JeS1sI target= blank>Jumpsuit<a> | S<a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3Kc1gLe target= blank>andals<a> | <a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsamznto3j46FZ1 target= blank>Bag<a> TTS Wearing a S

I wore this romper for our anniversary dinner last August and I have recently seen other bigger bloggers posting it. It’s the CUTEST 2 piece romper. And the drawstring pants are super comfortable but also dressy looking. This would also be a great swimsuit coverup or vacation outfit.


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