Kid-Approved Superfood Smoothie
This drink is loaded with Vitamin C. I use the Magic Bullet to puree all of my fruits and veggies so you’ll notice my measurements are adjusted for the size of the larger cup that comes with the Magic Bullet. If you don’t own a Magic Bullet, I highly recommend investing in one. It is the easiest and most efficient tool that I’ve found works for a busy morning routine. There is very little to clean and it’s small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I’ve included links to the probiotic drops that I add on occasion (about once a week) to help prevent my kids from getting sick. I’ve also included LYTE rehydration drops. I add a couple drops for added minerals, but that is up to each individual person. I swear it helped with my kids not getting sick over the winter. We had constant runny noses, but that’s it!
Servings Prep Time
2 5Minutes
Servings Prep Time
2 5Minutes
  • 1/2Cup Frozen Berry MixKeep a bag of frozen mixed berries in your freezer
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen SpinachI keep a bag in my freezer year round so I always have on hand
  • 1/2Cup Apple CiderI use cider from the store that doesn’t have any added sugar
  • 1TBSP Fresh MintYou can skip this if you don’t have. I keep a fresh plant in my kitchen
  • 1Whole Banana
  1. Mix banana, berry mix, spinach, apple cider and mint together. Fill the remaining space in the cup with water. (Don’t fill too high or the water will overflow when you twist the lid on. Squirt 4 drops of LYTE into the mixture (optional – gives added minerals to the drink) Squirt 3-5 drops of Bliss Probiotics into the cup (optional – good for constipated baby and for preventative measures for your childs health). Twist cap on and blend the mixture with the Magic Bullet until smooth. Ready to serve!
Recipe Notes

The great thing about this recipe is that you can experiment with different healthy ingredients.  Some other items I like to experiment with are Chia and Flax seeds, greek yogurt, peanut butter or nuts.