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Owen’s Big Boy Bedroom Reveal


Owen turned 3 in May so it was time to get him out of the crib and into a (sort of) big boy bed! He absolutely loves his crib and I wouldn’t be surprised if he choose to stay in it for another year! But when mom is emotionally ready, do it before she changes her mind! 🙂

A few of the items aren’t linkable because my extremely handy dad made them, but I’ve found some almost identical items for you to shop if interested!

The center of all the design decisions revolved around this bed! I found a DIY tutorial on Pinterest and sent it over to my dad. But you can also find similar options here if you don’t know someone that is handy!

This dresser is another custom build by my dad. I found an image from Pottery Barn many years ago ask asked him to replicate. This dresser has been modified slightly, but it’s still a best seller!