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Outdoor Solar Uplighting

We recently planted this pair of crepe myrtles in our front yard and I knew immediately that a set of uplighting was exactly what these beauty’s needed to shine in the darkness! I just love the ambiance that a well lit landscape gives off, especially on more mature trees in full bloom!

I didn’t want to invest in a new lighting system, so I came across these well rated outdoor solar light and found that VONT LED Outdoor Solar lights were a great choice! I have tried outdoor solar lights before and NOTHING has compared.

The VONT LED set comes with 2 light settings (high and medium) and they will last for many hours. Others that I’ve tried have only lasted an hour or so, so these will give you longevity. Now, we have a very small yard because we live in an urban environment, so I only needed 3 lights (they come 2 per package). But if you have a larger front yard, you’ll really get a wow factor with these!

without uplighting

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