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New Year, New Wardrobe

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are starting off the new year with a bang! I know I’m inspired to start chipping away at my new goals for 2020, while also simplifying my life.

How do I simply, you ask? Let’s be real, being a fashion blogger, we accumulate a lot of STUFF! Well, I’m really focusing on purging the old and getting rid of what no longer gives me any joy (thanks, Marie Kondo — that one is still resonating with me a year later)! So, as I do every January, I will be cleaning out my closets and donating or selling anything that I haven’t worn or used in a year. That’s my rule and it’s been working really well for me all of these years. I encourage you to try it! And if you’re looking for a steal on clothes that myself and my blogger friends use for photos and often only wear once, be sure to check out the Blogger Closet over on Facebook. There are so many great items at a fraction of the cost! You can join the group here: The Blogger Closet.

Now on to the outfits. Loft is having a 40-50% off sale right now. There are also so many great items under their clearance tab that are coming up 60-70% off if you really want a good deal! I recently did a Loft try on and one of the items that I was surprised to love was a pair of the Burgundy corduroy pants. These are a great pair of pants for the office, but also just a fun way to dress up on date night or over the weekend. I love that they come in seven colors so you can really get creative and add a little splash of color to the traditionally muted grey and black toned winter looks. Check out all of the looks below and comment below on your favorite!


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