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My Top Organic Baby Food Pouch Pick

So my boys have outgrown baby food, but when I had the chance to partner with Serenity Foods, I couldn’t decline! While I don’t exclusively shop organic, I do watch labels really closely and try to buy the cleanest foods for my family.

When Anthony was a baby, I went as far as making some of my own baby food. It was time consuming and one more thing I didn’t need to add to my to do list. I was working 50 hours a week so on the weekends I should have been more focused on just spending time with my family.

With Owen I got smart. I started purchasing the pouches of baby food, but I didn’t like what was in many of them. That’s where Serenity Kids comes in. Their baby pouches are organic veggies and pasture raised meat. Their food is higher in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s AND they use chicken broth and olive oil as their bases, instead of water. There are also ZERO added sugars or sugary fruits in the pouches. The other thing I love about this brand is that you can get nutrient dense meats and fishes. Salmon and bison? Yes please!

Does the amount of plastic that we consume bother anyone else? Just me? I make a conscious effort to have as little plastic in my kitchen as possible. Maybe it’s my environmentally conscious corporate background, but the thing I hated about pouches is that they’re so wasteful. Serenity Kids has also tackled this problem by partnering with TerraCycle to keep finished pouches out of the landfill.

Where can you purchase Serenity Kids? Why Amazon of course! SHOP HERE

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