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My Float Experience

Yesterday we celebrated my husbands birthday and I surprised him with at visit to My Float Spa! He loves a good massage, so I knew he’d enjoy a 60 minute float session, which is all about relaxing your mind and body.

What is Float?

“Floating” is the practice of using a flotation room ( or pod) to help with stress relief, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and/or recuperation.

Flotation Therapy uses a special solution of salinated water, utilizing thousands of pounds of Epsom salt per unit. The water is heated to skin temperature so it’s comfortable and relaxing. The amount of salt added to the water makes floating in water feel like you’re weightless. So without any effort you can relieve pain, heal faster, relax, de-stress, meditate, improve sleep and have fun with this unique experience. Our guide also said that floating has helped her son with eczema and psoriasis by drying out the bacteria and clearing up his skin.

My Experience

During the 60 minute session, I found that the first 10-15 I was able to relax, but it was very hard to turn off my mind. Our guide said that we could float with music or silence. I chose to go silent while my husband choose meditation music. After 15 minutes the lights went out and I laid in total darkness. I laid there for another 10 minutes when I started to panic about where the door was. So I lunged up and pushed the door open. The room is not big so it’s easy to know that the door is always on your left, but the total darkness started messing with my head.

I turned on the lower lights and began to once again relax. By 30 minutes I started to get restless because my mind was still moving a mile a minute. So I stood up, walked around and went back in. (sometime if I’m restless before bed, this helps me fall asleep). Sure enough within 10 minutes I was back to relaxing and totally zoned out!

At the 60 minute mark the upper lights came on and I was in my zone so I didn’t even notice. Another 10 minutes later the jets came on and I knew that was my cue to get out. As I slowly stood up, I immediately felt all of that stress that came with me in the room was now gone. My back and shoulder aches had melted away, almost like I had just walked out of a massage room.

As I got dressed I couldn’t help but feel like time had slowed down tremendously during that 60 minute float session. Without all of the daily distractions of everyday life, the float session really forced me to turn off my mind and connect with my body, which allowed all of my muscles to fully relax. The sensory depravation was truly a gift to my mind, body and spirit as we as humans have a really hard time disconnecting with all of the noise that out there.

After the float session, we had 15 minutes in the infrared sauna. The sauna is good for anti aging, detoxification, pain relief and relaxation. While I sat in the sauna, I started to stretch my shoulder (which I had injured 4 weeks early). I couldn’t go back and reach for things without pain. As I did this in the sauna, I realized that my pain was almost nonexistent! Between the heat therapy and the float session, my muscles were able to relax while the sauna helped promote blood circulation to the torn muscle. This enabled the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to support cellular repair and regeneration.

Would I do It Again?

100%! Sign me up! If this location was a tad closer, I would consider a monthly membership. That’s how good I felt afterwards. As I’ve entered my 40s, I have felt firsthand how much slower my body is recovering after a muscle injury. If I can help enhance the longevity and strength of my body, I’m all for the investment!


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