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Modern Farmhouse: Affordable Fall Decorations

Over the last few years, we have been hosting Thanksgiving at our house. The pressure is on! Not only do I need to roast a killer turkey, but I’ve also never been big into decorating for the fall. So the last few years I’ve really started upping my fall decor game.

Buying all the food for Thanksgiving can be an expensive fete, so the first year that we hosted, I didn’t have a ton of money for decorations. So every year since, I’ve been building off of existing fall decorations. I’ve been adding layers and bringing in new textures to help complete the festive fall aesthetic. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on decorations, this is a great way to build on your design. I tend to take a less is more approach but sometimes I need to bring in new items to keep everything looking fresh and current.

I do 99% of my decoration shopping at Target. Ok, I do 99% of all my shopping at Target and that’s why I love Target. I mean, where else can you grab a Starbuck’s PSL, eggs, milk, clothes, kids underwear, diapers and all the other random items that running a household for 4 requires? I can also count on Target when I’m in need of cost effective, trendy and timeless pieces for all of my decorating needs, regardless of the season. I hope you enjoy this weeks post and all things fall! If you are looking to purchase any of these items, don’t procrastinate! Fall shopping is in full effect and Target typically doesn’t replenish their stock on seasonal items. Happy shopping!


I love layering pieces and this door mat layers perfect over our existing door mat. Pair it with some mums and pumpkins and not much more is needed to create a happy + festive entrance!


This is my day to day table decoration setup. I love to add texture and layer items, but I don’t like too much stuff. We use this table almost daily, so it has to be practical. The garland adds depth and texture while also being the anchor to this center piece. I added some candles and pumpkins to further the dimension.


Not a lot was needed around the fireplace. I had mounds of woven and ceramic pumpkins all around the base of the fireplace but I just don’t like stuff on the floor. What really brings the fireplace to life is the color in the vase and the scent of the candles. Now is the time to bring out those pumpkin spice and apple cider candles to create a warm and cozy aroma in your space.


I knew this “thankful” throw pillow would be a perfect addition to my fall decor as soon as I saw it. The rich golden tone matches the wreath and the vases perfectly. The plaid throw blanket adds a touch of warmth, while the plaid pattern brings interest to a more minimalist palette on our sectional.


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