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Master Bedroom Refresh


When I spend a lot of time at home, I start picking apart my design choices. I begin to think about what I could change or improve on. I have a creative brain so I think it’s something I will always do. I love to solve problems on how to make a space more efficient and beautiful.

I’ve found that you’re never truly done designing a space, because good pieces don’t come all at once. So while it can be tempting to purchase everything that’s staged perfectly on the showroom floors, transforming your home so that it invokes your personality takes time.

Builder Grade Boring

We purchased a new construction home for the ease of not having to worry about repairs, but with that came very vanilla (or lack there of) design choices.

Here’s the master suite before

(apologies, all I have are the pictures from when it was initially listed)

Transforming to a Modern Romantic Retreat


One of the first things this room needed was furniture. It instantly created comfort in the space. I wanted to work with our existing furniture because it was all in really good shape. We did purchase the chairs at the foot of the bed because I felt like there was too much open space without them.

2. Bedding

White bedding feels clean and luxurious to me. I wanted to feel like I’m staying in a high end hotel in this bedroom so I invested in quality sheets, pillows and a duvet set. We store the duvet cover for the summer so right now the bed is just covered in 2 white blankets and a sheet during the summer months.

3. Paint

The yellow hued paint was just not working for me in this space. I wanted something soft and airy for a more romantic feel. I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore’s Paper White. It’s a really subtle grey with warm undertones.

4. Lighting

  • The builder grade light fixture was characterless. For such a grand master, this space really lacked the wow factor that could be created. I wanted a statement piece! I wasn’t sure what that was so I spent hours at night looking at ideas on Houzz and Pinterst.
  • Lamps are also a great addition to a master bedroom. The soft lighting is perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere. I just replaced the cream lamps last week with these beautiful ombre grey lamps!

5. Rug

I found this rug maybe a year ago. I felt like the chairs didn’t do enough to define the open space at the edge of our bed so I waited until I found the perfect rug at the right price. This one is a fantastic price, especially if you only need a 4 or 5′ size.

6. Window Treatments

This will create texture and softness in any space. It was actually one of the last things I bought because it took me a while to find the perfect color and texture combination. Don’t rush into buying something you’re unsure of.

Also be sure to purchase curtains that are the length of your floor to ceiling. (Notice the difference between the left and right panels). My husband installed them at the wrong height before I could catch him, so I thought this was a good example to show how much grander space looks when the curtains are the correct length!

Note: The curtains in the images below have been changed out to a more muted pink tone. See #9 for the new curtains, which look just like West Elm!

7. Art

I used a few existing pieces (like the mirror) but the artwork behind our bed was the last item I found. I ordered several pieces that just didn’t work. I love the symmetric abstract design and the colors on these canvases help pull in the pink curtains without being too girly.

8. Decorative Touches

I love to read so there is always a book on my night table. I usually keep a stack that’s visually appealing, but also will stack my library books here as well for a personal touch. Candles and essential oils are also a must have. I love the smell but also love that the oils create a calm environment when I hop into bed at night!

9. New Dressers

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  • Patty

    The window treatments mounted at the ceiling make a huge difference. Good call! The room is gorgeous. I like white beds too.

    • sweetmotherly
      > Patty

      Thanks, Patty!