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Jean Shorts Try On Haul

If there’s any article of clothing that I am really starting to dislike as I get older, it’s jean shorts! It seems like they’re either too short, too long or just a bad fit. As I’ve entered my 40s, I’m also become more self conscious of the cellulite on my legs, so there’s that too 🤦🏼‍♀️.

I know, it’s silly but it’s a new area that I’ve taken notice to that’s changing and the shorts that I used to wear just don’t do my legs justice anymore. So I went on a hunt this season to find the best jeans shorts that helped cover areas that I’m more self conscious about but that are also just all around comfortable!

I also went out of my comfort zone and tried on several different styles. Take a look!


I didn’t initially think that I was going to like this style, BUT I will say that these are like a solid pair of fitted skinny jeans that fit like a glove. So while they’re a little on they tighter/fitted side, they look great with a looser fitting tank or shirt.

I “sized up” in these to a 6 (which I probably my actual size but retailers vary so much).

Shorts / Sneakers / Tank

Shorts / Sandals / Tank (These are the same shorts as above, but this wash is OOS)

High Rise

I know that many women have a love/hate relationship with high rise jeans. I personally love them, but it can be hard to find the right pair of shorts that don’t ride. Ladies, you know what I mean!

Here are a few pairs that I found and love!

Shorts / Tanks / Sneakers (size up in these shorts)

Bodysuit (wearing a small/m) / Shorts (Size up in the shorts)

90s Boyfriend

I’m also a fan of the retro 90s boyfriend look. These were incredibly comfortable and I like that they’re more casual and distressed, without being too distressed. I sized up to a size 6.

Shorts / Sneakers / Tank

Cut offs

So I wasn’t sure how to categorize the following jeans so I just threw them in the “cut off” category. The first pair is technically a midi jean, which is a little shorter than I was expecting, but I did like them. I sized up to a 6.

Shorts / Tank / Sneakers

Shorts / Tank / Sandals (sized up to a 28)

Shorts / sandals / Tank (I sized up in the shorts)

Top / Shorts / Sandals (shorts and top are TTS)


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