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Home Office Refresh

I’ve been growing out of my home office for a while now. Since we aren’t moving anytime soon and we have a guest bedroom that goes unused for most of the year, I decided that it was time to get creative with the space!

You can see my old office HERE.

This first purchase on my list for this room was a Murphy bed. There was no way I was going to fit a desk in this space comfortable without this purchase. It’s been the best investment since we need the bed for when my parents come to visit, but when they’re gone, so is the bed. The Murphy Bed that I purchased came with additional storage on each sides, which was key for hiding all of the products and clothing that comes in weekly.

Next up was a new desk, Since my business has evolved and I have been hosting weekly Amazon Lives, I needed more desk space to hold all of the products that I share when I go live. I saw this Crate and Barrel desk and immediately fell in love! It’s the perfect size and it’s easy to push up against the wall when we have guests and the bed needs to come down. The only hiccup that I experienced is that this desk is so popular right now, there is a wait time. But I did a ton of research and felt this one was worth the wait.

Last month I took on the project of transforming some outdated, but high quality office furniture that I had inherited. The color of the wood was an orange that I despised and it just didn’t match anything in the space. I used Country Chic chalk paint and not only was it easy to apply (no sanding involved), but it’s held up amazing!

You can see a quick video on the transformation here!


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