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Holiday Gift Guide for Tween Boys

Back by popular demand, another holiday gift guide! This week I’m focusing on tween boys, but many of these items can also work for girls!

  1. Gaming Chairs
    • These have a 360 swivel feature and also fold up if you’d like to store them out of sight!
  2. Hoverboard
    • Back by popular demand, this was one of the best sellers from last years holiday season.
  3. Games
    1. Yamslam
    2. Burrito Throw (a hysterical family fun game!)
  4. Legos
    • A toy I hope that my boys never outgrow, legos are always a safe bet!
  5. Jerseys
    1. NFL
    2. NBA
  6. Snowboards
  7. Pokemon
    • My boys don’t know how to “play” Pokemon yet, but they’re SUPER into trading these cards!
  8. Nintendo Switch
    • Another back by popular demand!
  9. Apple Watch
  10. AirPods
  11. Amazon Fire
  12. Nerf Guns