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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 5 and Under

Its’s that time of year to start thinking about what to get the kids for Christmas. I personally am a fan of spending little on this age group. Let’s face it, if they’re anything like my boys, the toy will be broken or lost within 6 months!

I’ve rounded up some of the gifts that have gone the distance in our family. I personally love anything interactive or learning for this age!

  1. Picasso Magnetic Blocks
    • The boys can spend HOURS with these! Especially since I recently purchased the magnets with wheels on them. They love to build cars and the highest towers possible!
  2. Duplo Legos
    • Duplo Legos are great for this age group! We love the kits with cars and/or trucks because the boys can drive them around and rebuild them over and over (until a piece gets lost!).
  3. Little Tikes Bounce House w/Blower
    • Another gift that has gone the distance! Any child that needs to get out some energy, NEEDS this! It’s been a sanity saver for me as well, especially in the age of Covid.
  4. Holiday Books
  5. Tree Swing
    • One of the best purchases of 2020, our tree swing gets used almost daily! The boys love it and it is the first thing all of the kids gravitate towards when their friends come to play.
  6. Wiggle Cars
    • These cars are super fun to ride on for kids and adults! My older one rides this down our sloped driveway like he’s on a rollercoaster! The younger one starts low at the bottom and goes slow down the sidewalk.
  7. Puzzles
    • A great learning toy, puzzles are as important as books in my house. It keeps my boys focused and engaged for more than a hot minute.
  8. Kinetic Sand
    • Kinetic Sand has so many fun kits out now for boys and girls! This sensory tool has been another popular one in my house. My boys love the car kids (they will build cities with the sand and drive their
  9. Play-doh
    • So I have mixed feelings about Play-doh. While it can be messy, it also is a great sensory toy! The kits have been really well loved in our house (the cupcake and pizza making ones are popular). But honestly, just a jar of play-doh goes the distance!
  10. Play Kitchen
    • Fun for all ages and both boys and girls! My boys love to mimic me by pretending they are cooking in their kitchen. My 6 YO has grown out of this, but my 4 YO still loves to make me “coffee” many mornings!


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