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Father’s Day Gifts Prime Shipped

I don’t know about you, but Father’s Day totally snuck up on me this year!! So naturally, I’m seeking out Amazon the day before and looking for something that I know Anthony will use and love, but still has some thoughtfulness behind it.

So what did I find?

We both sit at desks for long periods of time and have a subscription to Massage Envy. But as we get older, naturally our muscles are just sore and tired more often. So, I grabbed this highly rated massage oil to pair with the highly rated massage gun! Yes, I will need to operate the gun for him, but it’s so easy!! It’s something nice that we can do for each other…win, win!

  1. Massage Oil
    1. This oil has over 24,000 reviews and is 100% natural. It’s a beautiful blend of essential oils, made in USA. These oils are formulated to melt away tension on sore muscles while also leaving skin hydrated.
    2. Personally, I LOVE the fragrance of this oil! It has a peppermint smell infused with lavender. It’s extremely hydrating on my skin. What’s great is while it’s an oil, it does NOT leave my skin feeling greasy.
    3. The arnica in the oil is phenomenal for muscle relief. It really penetrates the skin and reduces inflammation. I have used it on sore muscles in the evening and wake up feeling instant relief.
  2. Massager
    1. These have exploded on the market over the years. My masseuse will sometimes use this tool on me for a deeper tissue massage, or if I’m just extremely tight. Now I can get this treatment at home, whenever I want. I mean, my husband can get this treatment at home whenever he wants 😉

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