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Fall Family Photo Outfits That You Can Also Wear During the Winter Months

Two weeks ago we had family pictures and I ordered SO MANY dresses. I knew the aesthetic that I wanted to achieve and the color palette that I was looking for. I found so many great outfits that it was really hard to select a winner!

If you’ve ever planned for a family photoshoot, you know that it can be S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L l, with a capital S! I wanted every detail to be perfect, even though my subconscious knew that was an unrealistic expectation. The minute we showed up, it started misting and the boys tackled each other in the wet grass (meaning water marks all over their pants!)

The photos turned out beautiful and I couldn’t be more happy about the imperfections in those photos. The candid-ness shows off our personalities, especially the boys! This age is so precious and their unique personalities were captured beautifully. That imperfect photo session turned into a fun memory and resulted in the perfect family photo!

If you’d like to see how I planned for our family pictures and selected a color palette for our outfits, click here.

The dresses that didn’t make the cut (but were a close second) are all listed below. These are all great options and are perfect for everyday at the office or that holiday party that you have coming up. I just love the deep red tones. This color tone gives me fall vibes but is also versatile enough to carry through the holidays…meaning more wears for your money! I’ve also dropped in a few other outfits that I posted on Facebook this week. I’d love to here which Burgundy dress is your favorite — drop a comment below!

Left Dress

Right Dress

Left Look

Right Look

Left Look

Right Look

(Save boots options listed below)