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Dressing for the Occassion – Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Hello Friends!

This week marks my husband and my 5th wedding anniversary. One house and 2 kids later, it sort of feels like we’ve been married much longer. But I can say that 5 years later, the core of our relationship still remains strong. Last weekend my four year old really put us to the test. He was in beast mode. I started to wonder if the shots that he had received earlier in the week had somehow morphed my sweet little boy into a raging teenager trapped inside of a toddlers body. The next day he magically returned back to his normal self and my husband and I were left wondering what went wrong the day before. That evening we both looked at each other and immediately had a deeper sense of gratefulness that we are in this together. It was a reminder to me that when things get bad, remember to look for the silver lining.

So with five years behind us, what do I get my husband for this big milestone? We are going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Atlantic City, which is also the place where we were engaged (for the 2nd time..but that’s another blog post). I’m also wondering which dress I should wear for the special occasion? I’ve tried on so many cute dresses (many also great for work). Be sure to comment below to cast your vote! If you comment on this post or over on Facebook or Insta, I will enter you into a drawing for a gift card from Nordstrom.