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A Dreamy Necklace with Goals

Have you had a chance to follow me on Facebook or Instagram? If you do, you know there is a giveaway going on right now for this Wish Box Necklace that I absolutely adore!

I’m a girl that dreams big and never gets complacent. I believe that dreams, visions, or goals should be conceptualized every year to help us navigate our way through the changing seasons in our life. While I don’t always get these ideas down on paper, I’m always dreaming up what’s next. I think there’s a saying that every 7 years it’s human nature to shed a new layer, literally. We essentially become new people, because in that time, every cell in our body has been replaced by a new cell.

In my adult life it seems that every 5(ish) years, I have had big changes occur. From moving on from my rural town in WI of 400 people, to moving to a biggish city, to moving to an even bigger city across the country. There were new jobs mixed in there, various relationships, new friends made. Then came an engagement, marriage and babies. Phew, I’m exhausted thinking about all of that change. But all of these changes happened because my soul craved it and my dreams & visions created it.

So, about this necklace. It is designed by Caroline Neron and what I LOVE about it is that it’s a pendant necklace wrapped with Swarovski crystals. Ok, that’s not even the best part! The bottom unscrews and you’ll find a piece of paper inside. This is where you write down your dreams, goals or affirmations. Put the piece of paper back in, seal it up, and wear it around your neck.

Affirming these goals through visualization allows our mind to open up to the changes that we desire. Wearing this around our neck is a reminder to our mind so we can become conditioned to achieve whatever goal it is that we are striving for.

So if you haven’t had a chance to enter, head over to FB or IG and follow the instruction to get your name entered. Winner will be announced on Friday 5/3/19 around 5 EST!