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Out With the Old…Tidying Up in 2019

I hate to admit that I hadn’t heard of Marie Kondo or her famous KonMari method of organization until this week.  Her Netflix show, Tidying Up w/Marie Kondo dropped on Netflix last week and several of my girlfriends couldn’t stop talking about how excited they were to watch it.  

I was intrigued.  I didn’t have the motivation to read her book, but I did have time to watch a few episodes of her new show, which discusses all of the same concepts that her book teaches.  Surprisingly, it was addicting.  Not in a binge watch I need more addiction.  But in a way that lit a fire under my a$$ addiction!   I immediately felt the need to go clean out all of my closets, after watching just one episode.  And when I lost momentum, I watched the next episode, only to find myself going mad that none of my drawers looked like hers.  

I may sound crazy, but it feels good to unload.  Kondo suggests that you start with one area first, like your linen closet, or that overflowing junk drawer.  She suggests that you take your time and only keep things that bring you joy.  I laughed when I heard her say this, but that thought process actually helped me sift through my items quicker.  She also suggests that you throw everything in one pile when tackling an area.  I started with our linen closet and pulled all of the towels out.  I was in awe at the heaping tower of towels we had accumulated! So naturally I started sifting through them and ended up with a FULL garbage bag of just towels.  Wow, that was eye opening.  I’ve always thought of myself as a tidy person.  I clean out my clothes closet every 6 months (or so) and my towels are usually neatly folded and stored away. But until I actually pulled out everything that I was storing in that tiny little linen closet, I didn’t have the full picture of how much we had accumulated and weren’t using. 

So I’m halfway through tidying up the storage spaces in our house and I will certainly continue watching more episodes as I need inspiration and motivation.  I’ve always enjoyed organizing but often times the task is too daunting that we push it off and make up excuses.  As I continue to watch Tidying Up, I see how much space Marie helps people reclaim in their lives. How can you not want to be a part of that?!



Tidying up after my messy boys. I had no clue how much space we were wasting!

The pile on the top is what we are getting rid of. The rest is folded nicely per Marie Kondo’s recommendation of tri folding all clothes. Look at all that empty space!