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Two Must Have Winter Beauty Products

Why is it during these cold and dry winter months that our wrinkles (especially around the eyes) seem to be extra deep and highlighted, like there’s a magnifying glass on them 24/7? Well the biggest reason is that we are not drinking enough water. I know, I know, it’s something that’s easier said than done. But honestly, I can drink my recommended 64 oz of water a day, slather on hydrating creams, leave on face masks over night and my skin still looks like I need to run to the nearest dermatologist for a quick botox injection.

The best beauty product that I’ve found to combat this is actually not something that you slather on your face. It’s a product called Lyteshow-Electroytes. I put a few drops in every glass of water that I drink throughout the day and I notice a huge difference in my skin immediately. It keeps me hydrated and gives my body additional trace minerals that I might otherwise be lacking.

There are several products like this on the market, but what I love is that there are no additives in this one. It’s sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free. Basically you are just injecting immune-fighting minerals into your body while giving both your internal and external organs a hydration boost. It’s an inexpensive option to all of the those expensive anti-aging creams that make our head spin when trying to decide which one will be best for our skin.

Another product that really helps my skin stay hydrated are these Korean Face Masks. I use them once a week during the winter months and I keep the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Usually I do this right before bed, after the boys have gone down and I have time to catch up on some TV. An added bonus, putting the mask on makes me feel like I’m at the spa! It is cool, tingly and gives me a sense of joy as I crawl into my bed and let the mask work it’s magic.

So before you schedule that next facial, consider using a Korean face mask. It’s inexpensive and easy to do regularly in the comfort of your own home. And don’t forget to start incorporating electrolytes into your daily routine. We all know that beauty comes from within. 🙂