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Looks for Less:Utility Jacket

Today’s Looks for Less we are featuring utility jackets. Utility jackets are perfect for three of the four seasons, particularly fall and spring. I am loving the new spring options out right now and the variety of colors.

The first Look for Less is comparing the JCrew Perfect Rain Jacket to the Target Utility Jacket. They are almost an exact match with the exception of a few minor details. The Target jacket does not have a hood, but I actually like the look better because it looks more like part of an outfit versus an actual jacket. I love the versatility of the Target jacket and it’s perfect for a night out or a practical option for layering for fluctuating temperatures.

The next look is comparing the Madewell Fleet jacket to Old Navy’s Utility Jacket. The Madewell is much pricier, at over $100 for a light jacket. The Old Navy option also has many color options including; camel, pink, olive and navy blue. This jacket is slightly heavier than the Target jacket and has a canvas-like material. It is more distressed and trendy. The Target jacket is lighter and looks slightly dressier. If you love the Old Navy option, be sure to roll up he sleeves to make it appear more expensive like the Madewell version!

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Target Utility Jacket:
Madewell Fleet Jacket
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