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Home Office Reveal

This post has been months in the making, but I finally have some time to get a new blog post up. (I cannot believe that I took these photos before school was out!)

This room used to be the nursery and when we decided that we were done having kids, we opted to make the 4th bedroom an office. Yay, my very own space with a door!!!

The first thing that needed to be done was the purchase of this Murphy bed. Since my parents come to town at least once a year, we needed to keep the guest bed and this was the most practical solution for utilizing the space. I cannot say enough great things about this bed! If you’re on the market this one is fantastic and we assembled ourselves. I highly recommend paying the extra $100 to have it delivered to the room that it is being installed in because the boxes are HEAVY!

They only thing that I would have done different is ordered the unit with drawers on the left side to hide all the “stuff”! I found these Storage Bins and while they work, it just isn’t as clean looking as my A type personality would like! 🙂 When we ordered this unit the other one was sold out, so that is why we went with this one.

Murphy bed | Art | Storage Bins| Rug

The desk was gifted as a hand me down when my in laws downsized, so instead of spending more money on the space, I decided that the warm tones would actually help enhance all of the cool tones that I’ve used in the space. They also gifted me this beautiful Tiffany lamp, which I used to bring in a vintage vibe to the space, which helps soften all of the modern lines.

Art | Computer Stand | Chair (similar)

My in laws also gifted me this beautiful Tiffany lamp, which I used to bring in a vintage vibe to the space, which helps soften all of the modern lines.

Curtains | Ottoman | Storage baskets | Artwork (similar)

These curtains were such a great find! I wanted something luxurious and was stuck on velvet. I found them on Amazon and I couldn’t be happier with the price and quality!


This style rack helps me keep track of all of my clothes that need to be styled and or tried on. It also helps me stay organized so I can visually see items that need to be returned

My hat wall is a little DIY hack that I saw on Pinterest. While I don’t have a ton of hats, this was the perfect wall to store them on!

Ottoman | Pillow (similar) | Curtains | Rug

This Ottoman from Amazon was the perfect piece to store beside the window. It’s also an additional place to pile up clothes when I’m doing try ons 🙂 !

Small Storage Unit (similar) | Small Storage Unit (similar 2)

I needed extra storage since this desk doesn’t offer anything but a pull out keyboard try. I searched Target and was fortunate to come up with this unit! While the exact unit is no longer available, I linked 2 similar ones!

This room now feels complete to me! It’s the perfect multifunctional space for guests to sleep in and for me to get my work done. The wardrobe is really easy to pull in and out if I need more space and the carpet just gives it a really soft and glamorous feel.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my office and stay tuned for more posts of our home!